Cement Chillers

WPI manufactures its Cement Cooling Chillers in its North Texas Facility. Centrally located in the US, Whaley can provide cement cooling solutions from the East Coast to the West Coast. Air cooled and water cooled solutions are available. Chillers, cooling towers, and pump tanks are available.

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Application Description:
Typically concrete is mixed into a batch that requires a particular amount of chilled water mixed in to cool the solution down after production. Batch Cooling is the majority of the applications related to concrete and cement cooling. Packaged SA-Series Chillers or Modular SAE Series chillers can be utilized



SA Series
Packaged Chillers
(integrated pump tank)
1.5Ton – 20Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
Single / Dual Pumps
SAE Series
Modular Chillers
(pump & tank on
separate skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
SAR Series
Split Chillers
(Outdoor Condensing Unit)
(pump, tank, evaporator on
indoor skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits